Guest Speaker Hugh Brown

Our Guest Speaker for the night was Hugh Brown he has been around Mining for many years, especially in poorer countries.  He has worked in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, South America and Australia compiling his booklet.
He has been writing a e-Booklet which gives an insight into the Lives of the world's poorest miners, many of whom provide raw materials for use in our Jewellery, laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles.
Hugh has some interesting facts about why this project is important
  • There are 45 million of these miners directly employed and around 245 million indirectly employed, together they account for roughly 10 percent of the working population in the third world
  • Just for starters, these people account for:
    • 20 percent of the global gold production
    • 25 percent of the 3Ts
    • 85 percent of the coloured stones production
    • 20 percent of global cobalt
  • The take away?
    • We’re all touched by artisanal miners!
    • Think laptops, smart phones, jewellery, electric vehicles
He is in Whyalla compiling the history of the Long time employees at Liberty Primary Steel.
He presented a number of photos of some of the 100 or so employees who have nearly or over 40 years service.
The project is a large undertaking and will take some time to complete.
Some of the comments by them included:
People tend to be much more life focused, which is one of the interesting things 
Many of them have said they have stayed because of the job security.  
Some of them claimed their grandfathers had worked at the steelworks.
Huh is thanked for his presentation by Rotarian Shelley Sellars
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The Book on Filipino Settlement in Whyalla

Guest Speaker Dr Joy Penman presented The Book on Filipino Settlement in Whyalla which she has helped compile on stories of how Filipino people have settled into Whyalla Life.
The book is to be used with future Filipino settlers to help them acclimatise into the Whyalla community.
There are a number of stories from previous settlers which were extremely interesting to read and gave an insight into the problems encountered for both very young to older people.  It will be a very valuable future resource.
Rotarian Lesley Hartup thanking Dr Joy for he extremely interesting presentation.
Club members pictured with Dr Joy after the meeting.
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Guest Speaker Viktor Mácha

Viktor was born in Prague, Czech Republic.  Since 2006, he has been travelling the World at his own expense, documenting heavy industrial sites such as steel works, forges, foundries and coke plants. He has archived hundreds of mills ranging from the American mid west to Ukraine and east of the Russian Ural mountains.
His photography work is amazing, if you would like to see some of his work, go to the following URL:
Viktor's aim is to objectively document the technological processes of steel works. He maintains that this generation could be the last to be acquainted with the captivating sphere of dark, thunderous factories.
Rotarian Brian Moodie thanking Viktor for his presentation, some of his photos are on the screen to the right.
Honorary Rotarian Nikhil presenting Viktor and his friend Talbot with a Rotary 2024 calendar.
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Guest Speaker Alek Sims

Our guest speaker this evening was Alek Sims, Alek is part of a team that goes to Nepal to volunteer his time helping those with vision issues.
He has been going since his final year at uni, where he was selected by one of his lecturers and mentors to attend.  The team go for 2 weeks at a time and is a mix of Rotarians and non-Rotarians.  So far, they have covered 5 different regions, Nepal has a population of approx 30 million people and poverty is prominent in their country.  
The team of opticians and assistants provide glasses and check cataracts, and also do basic screenings for vision issues.  The team bring large amounts of pre-made glasses and also small amounts of single vision donated lenses that can be reused.  They are also connected with local Nepalese Rotary clubs and businesses.  The team collaborate with the local hospitals do perform cataract surgery and repair approximately 100 eyes per trip.
Alek discussed that his trips are fully self-funded and Rotary facilitates the project.
Club President, Brian Herd thanks Alek for an extremely interesting presentation.
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