May, Youth Service Month

May 2024 Is

Youth Service Month

May is Rotary International Youth Service Month when the focus is on young people and the development of the next generation of leaders
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April 2024 Environmental Month

Fifty years ago, the first Earth Day was held on 22 April 1970, launching a wave of action to protect our environment, including the passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States. Other countries soon followed suit. Every year since the day has been set aside to focus on mobilizing for action to protect our planet.
As people of action, Rotarians have been shaping the conversation on the environment for years, from addressing climate change that threatens entire food systems to fighting pollution that clogs our air and water. Rotarians are well-suited for the challenge. They use their connections to find creative solutions and take action to safeguard our vital resources. 
The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) assists Rotary clubs, districts, and multi-districts in building awareness, inspiring action, and planning service projects that focus on environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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World Polio Day

Today is World Polio Day when we are reminded of the devastating impact that this disease can have on children. It’s a day when we raise funds and awareness so that more children don’t experience the paralyzing effects of polio. To keep protecting children everywhere, we need your help.
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Rotary Club of Whyalla Changeover 2023-24

Today was an important and special event for the Rotary Club of Whyalla- Meeting No 3410 the 23-24 Changeover.  Where we moved from IMAGINE Rotary to CREATE HOPE in the WORLD.
  Incoming Secretary Larisa White Emceed the day, Rotarian Ben Johnston acknowledge country/  Raffles were won by Mellissa Zubrinich, Lesley  Hartup, Jane Owens, Ben Johnston, and Brendon Jackson. 
President Brian Herd inducted President-Elect Mic Russo.  Mic went on to introduce his board for the incoming year.  Larisa White - Secretary; Keith Sichler - treasurer; Brian Herd - Immediate Past President and Rotarian Benjamin Johnston - there was also Vinnie Russo in the photo and i am sure he will keep the incoming board in check.
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Storic's Spencer Gulf Adventures

Well-known Whyalla identity Steve Storic visited us this week to give us an update on his new venture following the Snapper Fishing Ban introduced in November 2019 for three years.  Steve formerly operated a charter fishing business but was forced to close when the ban was introduced. Steve, being the resilient and enterprising person he is, changed his focus from fishing charters to Boat Tours and is now catering for families rather than sports fishers.
He is working in partnership with Cuttys Tours to introduce new and innovative tourism experiences involving catering for people with disabilities. The Whyalla Boat Tours business is a much more affordable business to run as it does not carry the overheads of his former charter business.
Giving the vote of thanks is Rotarian Michele Sellars
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Speaker - Ebonie Winston

Tuesday night's Speaker was Ms Ebonie Winston,
Reception Manager, Comfort Inn. Whyalla
Ebonie came to talk to us about, herself, the rebranding of the hotel and what is in the future.
All members agreed Ebonie was an interesting speaker

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Member Induction

Newest Rotarian, at the Rotary Club of Whyalla
Benjamin Michael Johnston (Ben)
Ben is currently studying at the University of South Australia, Whyalla Campus
Nursing is his career pathway. While he is studying he is working at the local Woolworth's store.
Since coming to the Club, Ben has shown great interest in the Club's current projects and attends and helps when he can.  We are all looking forward to working with him in the future.
He was particularly pleased that his grandparents from Port Lincoln were here to witness his induction.
In the photographs are
President Brian, welcoming him and congratulating him
Ben's grandfather also welcomed him to Rotary
Ben's grandparents David and Jackie Johnston from Port Lincoln were also there to congratulate him.  David is a member of the Rotary Club of Port Lincoln.
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Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish

Sunday 25 June our weekly meeting was held on the Cutty Tours Cuttlefish Glass Bottom boat, looking at the Cuttlefish on the rock reef.
The trip was amazing, there were a lot of Cuttlefish and the Captain/guide was very good.
The glass bottom boat is set up very well for its purpose with everyone on board getting a good view.
It is surprising how quick the time goes when you are out observing the Cuttlefish, there is so much to look at and the narrative is very informative about the Cuttlefish and the area.
The window of opportunity to see the Cuttlefish is very short and you can also dive or snorkel to see them but there wouldn't be any narrative to inform you about the Cuttlefish and the surrounding reef.
Would definitely recommend the tour to anyone, it is extremely interesting and well presented.
The Cutty Tours Glass Bottom Boat.
Divers & Snorkelers having a look at the Cuttlefish, there were a lot of people in the water.
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Guest Speaker Alek Sims - Nepal

Alek Sims was the guest speaker for our dinner Meeting 20 July 2023, he spoke about his trip to West Nepal near the Indian border, as an Optician, he spoke to us late March before he went to Nepal to explain that he was part of a team that goes to Nepal to volunteer their time helping those with vision issues.
The team was compiled of professionals, students and Volunteers (mainly Rotarians) from Australia along with Volunteers and Professionals from Nepal.  The Volunteers from Nepal were Interpreters, cooks, people to organise the camp etc.
The Rotary Club of Banke, Bardiya & Kailali was heavily involved.
Alek is a local Optometrist who has donated his time to take part in the trip which was a fully self-funded and Rotary facilitates the project.
While there, they screened over 8,000 people, adults and children.  4,933 received glasses and 323 Cataract surgeries where organised to be carried out in local facilities.
The Rotary Club of Whyalla made a donation to the Project and we received a Plaque and Certificate of Appreciation from that Rotary Club as our donation paid for 19 Cataract Surgeries.
Following is the URL for part of the trip, it is very good to watch to see what actually happens:
This is an amazing undertaking by Alek, it is two weeks of a lot of work in difficult conditions.
Area Govenor Leanne Herd presents Alek with a thank you gift for his very enjoyable and informative presentation.
Alek presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Club President Brian Herd for the Club's donation to the trip which allowed 19 Caract surgeries to be carried out.
Photo of the Certificate of Appreciation from the Rotary Club of Banke, Bardiya & Kailali in Nepal of the donation.
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Glen Eden Award for Excellence in Mental Health Award 2023

On Monday 5 June, at the UniSA Whyalla Campus, the Student Acknowledgment Evening, it was with great pleasure that President Brian Herd Presented Chloe Coles with the Rotary Club of Whyalla, Glen Eden Award for Excellence in Mental Health 2023.
Pictured are President Brian Herd, Chloe Coles and Michael Marsh
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Guest Speaker Hugh Brown

Our Guest Speaker for the night was Hugh Brown he has been around Mining for many years, especially in poorer countries.  He has worked in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, South America and Australia compiling his booklet.
He has been writing a e-Booklet which gives an insight into the Lives of the world's poorest miners, many of whom provide raw materials for use in our Jewellery, laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles.
Hugh has some interesting facts about why this project is important
  • There are 45 million of these miners directly employed and around 245 million indirectly employed, together they account for roughly 10 percent of the working population in the third world
  • Just for starters, these people account for:
    • 20 percent of the global gold production
    • 25 percent of the 3Ts
    • 85 percent of the coloured stones production
    • 20 percent of global cobalt
  • The take away?
    • We’re all touched by artisanal miners!
    • Think laptops, smart phones, jewellery, electric vehicles
He is in Whyalla compiling the history of the Long time employees at Liberty Primary Steel.
He presented a number of photos of some of the 100 or so employees who have nearly or over 40 years service.
The project is a large undertaking and will take some time to complete.
Some of the comments by them included:
People tend to be much more life focused, which is one of the interesting things 
Many of them have said they have stayed because of the job security.  
Some of them claimed their grandfathers had worked at the steelworks.
Huh is thanked for his presentation by Rotarian Shelley Sellars
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