Tuesday night's Speaker was Ms Ebonie Winston,
Reception Manager, Comfort Inn. Whyalla
Ebonie came to talk to us about, herself, the rebranding of the hotel and what is in the future.
All members agreed Ebonie was an interesting speaker

Ebonie is originally from Mt Barker.  While studying social Work she asked her uncle, (Greg Winston - Owner)  to give her a job.  He gave her the opportunity of working in Reception.  This started her journey into the hotel industry.
The M&G Hotel Group is a family-owned South Australian Accommodation Management business.  Providing 24-hour reception phone lines to drive their passion for customer service, they invite you to a home away from home.
They pride themselves on comfort, cleanliness, and affordable hotel rooms and apartments, in iconic locations across Adelaide.
The hotel group has eight hotels three in North Adelaide, two in Enfield, one in Glenelg, one in Central Adelaide, and more recently the Comfort Inn in Whyalla.
The Hotel, being a family business, is eager to be involved in the community, not only have they sponsored Rotary but also Tanderra Craft Village, the Golf Course, Breast Cancer pink ribbon day, and Whyalla Wings airport open day to name but a few.
The rebranding of the hotel has been successful and has come from the Alexander and Percy’s to the Comfort Inn and Restaurant 99.  They have function areas, 62 rooms and are looking to put in 10 new cabins raising it to 82 Rooms.
Currently, they have two hospitality students and are also looking at starting a workplace program.
Going back to Ebonie – fast forward to Whyalla. 
Ebonie and her partner were ready for a change when they moved to Whyalla.  At first, they were living in the apartment at the hotel but now have a house in Whyalla.  Since moving they have adopted Daisy the dog, bought a Ute, and gone bush driving then they got a second dog, Mr. Rusty.   
Through Whyalla Business and Tourism Ebonie has made good friends and acquaintances.  Both Ebonie and her partner are happy working and living in Whyalla.
The Rotary Club of Whyalla looks forward to working with Ebonie in the future.  Ebonie is friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable and her enthusiasm to become involved in Whyalla is more than evident.
Ebonie was happy to answer some questions from the club members and Rotarian Larisa gave the vote of thanks and presented her with a Rotary Club of Whyalla Calendar.