Guest Speaker - Mel Schenck, Glen Eden award recipient is thanked for her presentation by Rotarian Perry Eden.
Mel shared about how hard she had to work to achieve her goal, working 3 jobs, raising 5 kids and study for her degree over 5 years. Her determination has served her almost as well as she serves our community.
From a low socio-economic background, Mel had what she described as a colourful childhood, brought up around strong women and sensitive men.
When she was 16 her parents divorced, both leaving the state while she stayed in Whyalla by herself.  Her strength to not just survive but thrive has followed her to this day but she spoke most passionately about the children she works with.
"Every child needs an adult to advocate for them" was one of her more memorable quotes.
She easily acknowledges the support she got from her teachers and how this effected her personally, one of the many motivations she had to take this path.
Mel is currently employed by Centacare and is working as a school counsellor at Samaritan.