From left to right - Mic Russo DG David Jones, Sue Clements (President Whyalla Norrie) Lyn Jones and AG Linley Shine.

Mic Russo and Nissa and daughter Isabella (Issi)

On September 7 2020 we had the District Governor visit both the Rotary Club of Whyalla and the Rotary Club of Whyalla Norrie.  At this joint meeting, DG David told us a little bit about himself and the message from the current RI President, Holger Knaack,  Rotary Opens Opportunities

Tonight DG David told us about his journey in Rotary from being a  Rotaractor 1978, he talked about the opportunities Rotary has given him, he met Lyn through Rotaract.  David went on to tell us about RI President Holger Knaack’s theme for the year, Rotary Opens Opportunities.  Other topics he covered included the RI Vision statement: Satellite Clubs; Challenges of Membership; Our Charity the Rotary Foundation: 7th Area of focus: Rotary 100 Down Under, Centenary projects, eg the Stamp.  David also talked about the End Polio Now Relay. 
David introduced his wife, Lyn, to talk about her project for the year.  Australian Rotary Health.  In her talk, she covered Mental Health Research; Lift the Lid; Hat Day.  She passed out the M &M’s, had a raffle and asked for donations for Lift the Lid.  An interesting and informative visit for both Clubs.
Congratulations to our President Mic and his Partner Nissa.  We all got our first look at little Isabella (Issi) last night at the DG Visit, which was held in the Rotary Pavilion.  It was a good evening of Fellowship, Rotary information and fun.