Royal Automobile Association (RAA) Road Rules Quiz
Oct 12, 2021
Penny MacKenzie
Royal Automobile Association (RAA) Road Rules Quiz

Penny was born and raised in Adelaide she trained as a Primary Teacher and then taught at a range of Primary and Secondary Schools.  Apart from brief stints as a waitress in Harrods, an invoice Clerk in Liberty's of London, and an insurance teller, she worked mostly as a teacher-librarian and ESL teacher for forty years before retiring from full-time work to spend more time with her grandchildren and traveling.  She has presented papers on South Australian Tourism and Resource-based Learning to teaching students in China.

Having used the services of the RAA since she was sixteen she is happy to talk about their wonderful service to the South Australian Motoring Community to make up for all the times her old Mini broke down in early teaching days.


RAA works with

The SA community, schools, and other like-minded organisations to deliver a range of education programs that aim to improve road safety in our state.
From practical demonstrations on how to set your car up for a safe and comfortable drive, to hosting the largest youth road-safety event in SA, we have programs for all ages. Plus, they’re completely free. 

Years Ahead: Road Rules Quiz is an interactive presentation that covers both general road rules and give-way rules. We have two different sessions to test your knowledge with well-established, misunderstood, and new laws while, having a bit of fun. Each participant receives a ‘clicker’ at the presentation to record their answers; the group’s responses are then displayed in real-time on the screen. The presentation covers:

  • often misunderstood road rules
  • new road rules
  • what to do after a crash.